The Citizen Member Initiates of the Illuminati, are committed to helping others find and follow the Light.
May our unified voices, echo worldwide~


blueeyeBefore the portal opened, I did not know what to expect but since I joined, it has been a period of growth for me. It has taught me the importance of following the light, overcoming challenges and how to better serve mankind.

–Richard Henry: Former Council 22 Capstone Council Lead


Richard Henry

I am proud to be part of this great organization. It has really opened my eyes and thinking capacity. I appreciate all the leaders and staff for making us feel that we still have an opportunity to make something incredible and amazing.Not all is lost I have found the beacon of light. I like the way you put your words together you know it’s really wonderful. Your team is full of competent staff, very understanding and friendly.


Banda Brian

A big fan of c22

This is a great job you guys are doing to help us realize our strength and knowledge. I can easily say no one shall again stay blind asking himself thousands of questions as long as this Council is active with powerful people like you. Even I myself I’m thankful for your dedication and contribution in educating us about various things we couldn’t get answer about.
This is an amazing job.
We all appreciate.

isaac ochamotieno

A big fan of c22