Jeffery Tan


Hello C22 Family,

My name is Jeffrey Tan. I am an Illuminati Initiate and C22 member since June 2018. When I joined the Members Portal, I noticed that the Community section was not available, so I tried to reach out to the Initiates on Twitter. I saw Miss Ivy Taroc’s profile pic and she seems familiar. I told myself, “She’s the woman that used the talisman as an earring.” I read her tweet about the C22 website and I joined without hesitation. A few months later, I joined the Linguistic Team with Bro. Petros Regos and the rest of the staff as a writer of Filipino language, and I am hoping that my fellow Filipinos would read my work. I hope that the C22 will remain active even if the Community reopens.

My Twitter account name is “Darkhunter darkhun08537985”

May the Light brings us unity

Jeffery Tan