Ethics, Expectations & Engagement

Ethics, Expectations & Rules of Engagement

Council 22 derives their Ethics & Ideals from The Illuminati Ideals, Tenets and Eternal Oath, which we all have signed to be eligible for service on c22.

Additionally, our Expectations and Rules of Engagement (E3s) are sourced from Illuminati philosophy & it’s principles which can be found online in IAMs Archives and their books: ILLUMINATIAM, The First Testament of the Illuminati & ILLUMINATIONS, Wisdom from the Planet’s Greatest Minds. 





This is a living document which periodically adjusts to reflect our continual growth, and to constantly improve clarity of communication of our governing values.



We strive to walk the talk at all times, using common sense, and courtesy towards everyone. We take our Oath and the governing Tenets of the Illuminati VERY seriously.

In this spirit, we will not publish any media on our profile which contains any of the following, unless it is to specifically bring awareness to an issue. Doing so is cause for immediate termination of service. 


      We VOW NOT TO:

·        Demeaning to women

·        Sex trafficking or Pedophilia

·        Drugs and/or Alcohol Promotion

·        Hostile to others including IAM

·        Animal Abuse

·        Human Abuse

·        Glorify the Thug Life

·        Violence or Violent in Nature.

·        Racial slurs or Jokes

·        Sexual References or Sexist Jokes

·        Excessive and/or extreme Profanity

           · Porn on your profiles



     WE VOW TO:

·         Honor our Oaths and Commitments.

·         Serve with Loyalty 

·         Inspire & Uplift Others

·         We are a “Cut above the Rest” & ACT that way.

·         LISTEN to Understand

·         Encourage Others

·         Engage in Teamwork and Support one another

·         Create solutions, not problems

·         BE KIND or BE QUIET


·         Answer our email and messages promptly

·         Create friends, not enemies

·         Strive to forgive, and love our haters

·         Let Logic Guide in the absence of Leadership

.   Practice Integrity at all times.


Lastly, we believe are called to a higher place in leadership, as we move into the new Age of Illuminatiam. We recognize that leaders are just seasoned servants, who embody integrity, honor and valor, and WE strive to emulate these behaviors at all times.



All Council 22 teams are obligated to follow the directives of their Supervisors, General Managers, Executive Directors, members of the Capstone Council, The Apex Advisory Board and/or iVy Taroc; where applicable. We function as a hierarchy and the chain of command is as follows:


-Executive Director-

-General Manager-

-Team Supervisor-

-Team Members-


All leaders are encouraged to innovate and expand their areas in any way they creatively choose to, as long as it does not violate Council 22 ethics or the ideals and tenets of The Illuminati.

While a supervisor needs to run their ideas through the General Manger for approval, the General Manager does not need to ask permission of an Executive Director, to manage and grow his team. Nor does an Executive Director need to ask permission from the CEO, to manage and grow his department. Everyone is expected to lead. Leaders know the way, go the way, and show the way. Forging new ground is what separates a leader from a mere manager. Because Council 22 seeks to develop leaders, they must be allowed to both succeed and fail. Even so, it is the role of all mangers to mentor and guide those under them, and may step in to help coach and/or redirect if necessary.

The role of the CEO much like that of Apex. They are where the buck stops. They are accountable for the entire teams growth. They are there to encourage, inspire and mentor -in alignment with our ethics and those of the Illuminati. In c22, we strive not to micro manage. This is a training ground where ideas and opportunities need fertile soil in which to thrive and flourish. If someone missteps or over reaches, it is up to the CEO to council and correct. 

All C22 leaders are expected to follow the Servant Leaders protocol. This is not the place for control freaks. This is a place of learning along side those who have learned themselves. All Leaders are expected to mentor verses “manage”. In other words…        We manage systems and mentor people.

To that end, communication is the backbone of any organization. Healthy communication or the lack thereof, leads to stressful encounters and sometimes the breakdown of a team entirely.  To promote a positive flow of ideas and directives, any lack of communication and/or insubordination is considered unacceptable, and can potentially lead to a termination of your role. It is impossible to successfully run an organization, without speaking to one another with common courtesy and responding in a timely manner to any communications that are dispatched, whether it be through email, text, or group messages.

If any team member has an issue with another team member, please seek to resolve your differences as adults first. If that becomes impossible for whatever reason, always use your chain of command to escalate the issue. IE) If the Supervisor needs assistance they will consult the General Manager, if the General Manager needs further assistance with this issue, the General Manager, will seek advice from the Executive Director of that team, who will either resolve the issue or take it before the Senior Executive Director and Council 22s CEO for further assessment and an outcome.  In the rare event the issue cannot be resolved by the C22, it is up to the CEO to consult the Apex Advisory Board, for additional ideas on how to address the conflict.

Even though we utilize a traditional chain of command, we also support an open door policy if you are unable to effectively communicate with the leader directly above you. If you feel you need to speak to the CEO, Apex or to someone in another rank or department for advice, mentoring or to resolve a conflict , you are welcome to do so, as long as it will not cause unnecessary chaos in the ranks. Please be advise, our open doors cannot be used as a form of manipulation over others, without consequence.

In the event we are attacked by another Initiate or Citizen Member of our IAMFAM, Council 22 must not fire back with flaming insults during an altercation. We are expected to lead by example, and feeding the negativity has been proven to be a futile course of action. Simply report the post and ignore/mute the offensive comment and/or block the person from connecting with you. If you must respond, do so with with integrity and wisdom.  It is always best to revisit an issue when you have a clear, calm head. Breathe and walk away until you have re-balanced your feelings and can respond diplomatically.  You do not have to fire from the hip, and are expected to think things through rationally, before issuing a response if one is required. Always be mindful of your “delivery” and the many eyes upon us at all times. The Illuminati, our true bosses, are ever watching.

A word of caution: C22 has a zero tolerance for bullying, slander, or harassment, insubordination in any form, and will be dealt with by leadership swiftly and with finality.

Additionally, please remember, the Member’s Portal and Social Media are not a place childish outbursts, and manufactured drama. Conflicts ideally need to be resolved in the privacy of DMs by the parties involved, only.  However, Council 22 has provided a forum of our own at: to discuss more controversial issues involving many voices in house, if the need should arise. 

ALL members of Council 22 are expected to lead by example and not only live by these rules of engagement but by the ideals and teachings of the Illuminati, as well found in Illuminatiam: The First Testament of the Illuminati.

The Capstone Council will provide Leadership with tasks and/or updates to information effecting this Council. General Managers and supervisors are responsible to ensure their teams are implementing or completing them, as directed. Team members who do not follow-through, are in jeopardy of losing their position. Council 22 utilizes a 3 strikes and you are out, policy.

We are all human and at times life happens, unexpectedly. We understand this is a volunteer position and it takes a backseat to more pressing real world concerns and events. HOWEVER, we have developed a protocol that invokes the help of Apex, so communication is absolutely expected, without exception. If you need to step away, speak to your direct supervisor immediately. You do not have to go into detail if it is a private matter, just submit your leave of absence in writing. A simple sentence stating you need time away, will suffice. Anyone who continues to let their team and/or their fellow Initiates down, will be removed from Council.

Again to recap, as it is incredibly important this is understood by all: All General Managers and team members will be given the tools and directions necessary to complete all of their tasks.  A pattern of incomplete or ignored tasks, will result in termination. Dereliction of duty is not tolerated.  Once again, we are all human and at times, life happens.  Keep an open line of communication at all times.


Apex Advisory Board

All C22 participants may be asked for clarification of operations and given course corrections from Founder iVy Taroc and/or APEX if necessary, to ensure our tone, vision, mission and branding are maintained.

It is the desire of the Council that those who want to, have an opportunity to advance into the Capstone and on to Apex, as recognition for excellence in service. Capstone Leads, who have completed their service with honor, will be invited to become a member of the Apex Advisory Board after careful consideration. (see APEX for more details) Due to the mentoring nature of the Board, leaders must have demonstrated exemplary service in all their roles, to be considered. All Apex members vote on the incoming applicants. This is to ensure  “tone”, mission & vision of Council 22 is maintained over time, by those who have demonstrated they fully understand these things.

The Capstone CEO will select a Candidate that will be the next Capstone Lead, and submit them for approved by Apex. The Board will then vote on their selection. The only one who currently has right of veto, is Founder of C22, iVy Taroc aka V to date, she has never inferred with the wishes of Apex or C22s CEO choices in candidates.

The goal of Council 22 will be to develop as many leaders as possible while serving as a LIVE demonstration of the ideals and principles shared in the Illuminati’s messages, focusing on Illuminatiam in particular. It is for the edification of the Initiates that we have developed C22. It serves as a living example, of what is possible, when 2 or more are gathered, by the unity of a shared vision and mission.

As many people as possible, should apply for and hold positions in, Council 22. This pyramid was designed to be fluid and evolving. We want everyone is wants to serve, to have an opportunity, to do so~


Term Limits

A team member of Council 22 may not stay in their position for longer than 6 months. Continuous mobility must occur in Council 22, to allow for new leaders to emerge. All leadership positions are subject to term limits listed on their profiles. 

Every person who has been promoted, must groom and mentor their replacement, prior to stepping into their new position.

The only position on C22, that is not subject to these terms, is the Executive Director of the Anti-Fraud Network – due to the nature of the role. Additionally, V reserves the right to veto any executive order or action that is not in alignment with the goals of this network.