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Council 22 announces their unwavering support for “Mark

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 We are a vocal outreach featuring the Initiates of the Illuminati.
We help folks find The Illuminati and follow The Light.

iM🔺RK focuses on the music & content created by the Initiates of the Illuminati or in rare cases, those who merely support our mission and message.



We are thrilled to finally announce, David Rothschild and The Conspiracy Band, will be a permanently featured group for us. We will be supporting the Band in all their future projects. 

David is well aware of our stated mission, and we have used his work with permission.

UPDATE: It’s coming guys!

The launch of LifeUPTour is almost here! Please visit  LifeUpTour to learn how you or your organization can support this amazing humanitarian organization that will feature music & messages!



We are always looking for Initiate created music, poetry, comedy, voice over specialists, and talk show guest hosts, as well as content suggestions.

Bi-Lingual contributors, are encouraged to apply!

You can reach us via email: HERE


Chief Operating Lioness & Resident EvangeLight



As Chief Operating Lioness, it is my role at iM🔺RK, to protect the integrity of the Illuminati materials on station, while facilitating opportunities for the artistic Initiates in this #IAMfam, to be heard by a larger audience. We are a living demonstration of Unity. We collectively function under the desire to live by the Illuminati’s ideals, tenets & directives. One of which is  to help all people, in all places, have access to IAMs life changing messages. This is separate & apart from my unique role in the Universal Design. It is imperative that everyone understands,  this important distinction~

i🔻y Taroc



Please understand. Everything I bring forward in my role as an EvangeLight, is based in my own unique perspective and understanding at any given time. I am a work in progress, no less than my followers. My viewpoint is based on my experiences and the knowledge I have collected during the length of my lifespan. I make no claims of expertise. I merely share my understandings, in hopes these things will serve to shine the Light of inspiration, on those who are seeking their own~

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Executive Director Ling/Comm


Christine Cruz Ingraham aka Nikki Cee

  iM🔺RK believes without great communication, it is vastly more difficult for humans to express themselves, or to be understood.  The disconnect on information sharing becomes profound, when the words printed, cannot be fully comprehended, by those reading them.  It is a part of Christine’s role as “second in command”, to monitor and promote excellence in communication and linguists.

Nikki holds a Bachelors in Psychology hence her interest is helping others. She speaks, reads and writes English, Spanish and Italian, fluently.  She will make certain, that we have provided excellent translations, you can rely on.
Nikki is also a regular contributor to iM🔺RK.  She consistently delivers sound advice, for  our consideration and implementation.

If you are interested in translating or if you would like some advice Nikki Cee can be reached at:

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Station Sentinel


Brad Adams

iMark Cyber-Security/Anti Fraud Network

iMark’s Cyber-Security expert and Council 22’s Executive Director of Anti-Fraud, shares updates and scamming tactics to help Initiates avoid fraud. Brad is a regular contributor aka Permanent Marker”, on this station. His interesting show-files are rapidly becoming a favorite on Mark.  While we always encourage the reporting of suspicious activity directly to the Illuminati, as is our DUTY, Brad can also assist you in this process. He has many hidden hands out there that assist him in his work. He does what he does, as a show of loyalty to The Illuminati, as does his enormous team. He is your go to guy, if you run into and need help with, any fraudulent activity or those seeking to defraud the Illuminati and/or their Initiates.


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Executive Director of Promotions


Jamaal Ingraham aka JIWild

Jamaal joins iMark with the enthusiasm of a small army. His background in Corrections has inspired him to help others remove the self erected bars that keep them from being all they can be. Like the rest of us, Illuminatiam (The First Testament of the Illuminati) has changed his life and he wants to do his part to help folks find The Illuminati and follow The Light. He is here to improve the way iMark interacts with our audience, while drawing consistent attention to our the music and musing provided by the Initiates of the Illuminati. He absolutely shares Mark’s vision and will formulate the strategies necessary to help us reach all people in all places with The Illuminati’s life changing messages.

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