Welcome to our Founders page, where we honor our Founding C22 Members, for their innovative service to others, and on Council.


The following is a list of all the founding c22 members who have served as leadership on Council. These Initiates are incredibly devoted and dedicated in helping new recruits get oriented and avoid scammers. None of this would have been possible, without their invaluable contributions.




iVy Taroc aka V

C22 Founder/Inaugural Capstone Lead 2017/Apex Advisory Board Senior Co-Chair Lead 2018-2019/Network Webmaster


V GOODRICH aka iVy Taroc is history’s 1st publicly recognized Citizen Member Initiate, to be “Verified” & attain Level 1.1 in the modern era of The Illuminati. V was the source of inspiration for & brainchild behind Council 22 & the Apex Advisory Board. Although no longer consistently active on either committees, she still serves those in leadership, when asked.

“V’s primary mission is to help folks find and follow the Light, and has gone on to inhabit her unique role in the Universal Design as an EvangeLight. She writes her way through her interests, issues and her Illuminati Initiation at V’s Vox

Additionally, she is the Chief Operating Lioness of iMARK Radio. A verbal outreach, featuring the Initiates of the Illuminati. Together, they help folks find The Illuminati and follow The Light.

“If we can’t find new leadership to guide us on to the next level of our spiritual development, we must become them”




Brother Stephen White


Admin Ambassador of Initiates/GM Linguistics/c22 Capstone CEO 2017
Stephen was the first guy to step in and step UP, when it became clear we needed help with communication in the portal, before c22 was even a thing. He answered V’s call and developed the Ambassador of Initiates group on Facebook,  to help translate information for those who were not well versed in English.  As a GM he was organized, passionate & dedicated to his fellow Initiates. He was V’s first choice to lead after her and was elevated into the capstone as CEO, due to his amazing work ethic. Due to health issues, Stephen resigned his position, so he could heal. As soon as he felt better, he was right back at it though! He is still very active with his FB group, although no longer serving on c22 or Apex.

“Those who do nothing while witnessing injustice and wrongdoing do worse than those who commit acts of injustice.” -Martin Luther King



Richard Scherer aka Papa Fred

GM Linguistics 2017/Ex. Dir. Ling Comm & PR/Capstone former CEO 2018/Current Apex Advisory Board Jr. Co-Chair Lead 2018-2019


Papa Fred has been an invaluable resource to c22 since the day he came aboard the newly formed Linguistics team which had been created in order to help folks quite literally, understand what was being said by the Illuminati.  He went on to GM the team and was elevated to the Capstone due to his consist & exceptional leadership style. 
He brings 40 years of business management experience to everything he does. He has earned a seat in the Apex, and completed an exemplary term as the CEO of c22.
“I helped found the Linguistics Team with a great group of people as the GM of the Team – We had a team of talented Initiates that were Writers & Translators, that helped get out the message of the Illuminati to many people and helped others to join the Illuminati – The Communications Team was recently added to the mix.”
Papa Fred



James Bonewits

General Manager & Founder Quality Control 2017


James was the founder of Quality Control at the very beginning of C22. He has been a loyal follower of the Illuminati since the earliest days of the Public Outreach and was eager to serve his fellow initiates. He is currently serving under the PR department of c22.
*James is no longer with this outreach. However we appreciate everything he did while he was!



David Nix

Founding PR Member /GM Public/Portal Relations 2018 


“Nix” David has been with C22 since the beginning, serving on the original PR/ team which eventually morphed into Social Relations.  He was promoted to General Manager of the revamped Public/Portal Relations team, due to his ongoing efforts, to help other Initiates. David has to step down unexpectedly for personal reasons but did so with dignity. For that reason, he is honored here. He can still be found on social media helping others, whenever and wherever he can. 
In his own words:

“I am here to show people the way to the Light, who want to be guided by it. People who no longer want to live in darkness.”





Brian Epperson

Founding Member of PR/Founding GM Recruitment/ 2017/Executive Dir Recruitment & PR Capstone 2018


Brian started out on the Public Relations Team, but saw a greater need while serving. As founder and former GM of the Recruitment team, it is his pleasure, along with his exceptional team, to help orient our newest Initiates. Brian’s dedication and endless enthusiasm in serving his fellow Initiates, has earned him a spot in the Capstone, where he has completed his term.

“I am the founder of the Recruitment Dept. for the great organization known as The Illuminati. Myself and my team of recruiters, are here to help guide people to the Light of the REAL Illuminati.”

Brian Epperson




Brad Adams

Founder Anti-Fraud 2017/GM Anti-Fraud & Quality Control 2017/Executive Director of The Anti-Fraud Network 2018/Senior Executive Director Capstone 2018-Present/Honorary Apex Advisory Board Member 2018-2019

Term: Indefinite



 Brad is the single most important Initiate of all time. He has been invaluable in creating and maintaining a security system around this public outreach. He absolutely detests fraud and he, along with his team, take great pleasure in hunting scammers down and having them removed from social media.  Brad has been such a tremendous presence in c22, and his leadership so unwavering, he was recently promoted to the Capstone as a permanent fixture on Council by Papa Fred.

“I am Brad Adams the first ever General Manager of the Anti Fraud Team. The Anti Fraud Team was formed first as a recruitment tool to ensure that those seeking the Light, are not taken advantage of.  It has blossomed into much more than recruitment. We in anti fraud work in the shadows, to protect those seeking the Light. Brad’s position is the only one that has no expiration date.

Our Motto:





Brother Petros Regos

Co-Founder Linguistics Writing Team 2018/Capstone Executive Direction of Communications 2018/TBA

Brother Petros was one of the Founding writers for the team – After showing his Loyalty  and Support he was promoted to Team Lead.
Brother Usama Khalid & Brother Alex Paredes – are the other two founding members of this Team and both are translators & writers who have since gone on to leadership with c22 under his direction. 
Petros is currently the CEO of Council 22

“Now I am part of this worldwide family that accepted me as I was without hang ups or drama and even though the path is difficult and have another a cranioplasty surgery to follow up to I am forever grateful that the Light has found me and lead me out of the darkness.”





Sister Christine Nicole Cee

Founding Team Leader Linguistics 2017/GM Linguistics 2018/Executive Director Ling-Comm Capstone Council 2018/C22 CEO 2018


Sister Christine was the Founding Team Leader in Ambassadors of Initiates, later renamed, Linguistics. Her dedication and loyalty to the team, and the Illuminati public outreach, has earned her a promotion as the GM of the Linguistics & Communications Team, she is the current CEO of C22. Her impeccable performance has earned her a chair on Apex Advisory Board.

“Before researching and reading about the Illuminati I felt that I was content. However, after encountering the Illuminati, I felt a true sense contentment and I felt like I finally found part of what I’ve been missing in my life. This experience is truly unique and tailored to each individual and I cannot fully express how truly thankful and appreciative I am that I am getting to experience this journey. It’s as if a blindfold has been lifted off of my eyes. I now have family all over the globe with no barriers and I’ve had the pleasure of working with amazing individuals. I intend to aid others in finding the light as I myself strive toward the light each and everyday.”

Christine aka Nikki Cee



A special word of thanks and an honorable mention, goes out to Angel Wheeler/Cheshire & Mubashra Rauf, for investing their unique perspectives, and administrative contributions to the beginning stages of this Council. Without them, none of this would have been possible~


Cheshire aka Angel Wheeler


An original founding member of the Capstone, Cheshire has seen it all. She was there in the early days when Council 22 was planned. She remains active in this outreach by helping, guiding , and mentoring her fellow Initiates in a variety of groups on Social Media.

“I had always felt different, like there was something off about me compared to others. I found refuge in symbols, dead languages and scriptures. I had a strong desire for unity, acceptance and justice among all. I loved big, and found it hard to be upset for long with anyone because I could always understand their point of view even if I didn’t agree. I was not like the others. I spent the majority of my time alone because of this. I was tired of being alone! There had to be others like me. I searched and searched through 1000’s of text and groups trying to find a place I belong, to find a group of people like me. In 2016 I found Illuminatiam. I was immediately intrigued by their teachings and how exact they were to my own beliefs. I started observing the people, and how they reacted to each other with love and absent of judgement or strife. It didn’t take long for me to realize, this was my home. This was the place I had been searching of for so long. I joined the members portal that same year and was almost immediately regarded as an adept new initiate. I knew things Illuminati I had no idea how I knew, or any way of knowing. I was just speaking from my heart, from my inner higher self. Sister V hand picked me to help them start Council 22, which is the single greatest thing I have done in my life, aside from my child, at this point. The light encases my heart, my mind, and my soul forever more. I have found my family, my people, and I will not trade that for anything. Together we will pioneer the paths of a better tomorrow under the Illuminati teachings”

I AM Cheshire




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