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A forum has been created to house information and announcements for c22, while providing discussion boards for those who are looking for a deeper conversational experience, than is offered in the members portal.

It serves as a back up when the members portal is in maintenance, or when we want to discuss subjects not appropriate for all audiences.

All topics are welcome!

Free speech encouraged. Felonious behaviors, eliminated~





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Jamaal Ingraham

Executive Director Social Relations & Forums


The Social Relation Teams primary role, is spreading awareness of the Illuminati’s messages via Social Media, while supporting the organizations in the Initiate Network, who do the same. 

They maintain and manage their mission across all social media platforms with a focus on the 22 Avenue Forums. This team strives to engage the initiate community with topics that are designed to foster a sense of social awareness within each initiate. We create dialogue that will enable initiates to learn knowledge and wisdom, then apply it to their lives so they can be enlightened and help others find the Light. Our hope is that initiates will think critically about their role in the Universal Design and realize their social responsibility on this planet.

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