From the Desk of Christine Cruz aka Nikki Cee

C22 Chief of Operations (CEO) 2018



4th Quarter Goals for 2018 will be made available by Christine Cruz SOON~




2nd Quarter Goals 2018

Goals for the 2018 Second Quarter –
These are getting all of us Imitates, back to the Purpose we were brought to the Member’s Portal for –That is to Gain Knowledge – to learn from the First Testament – to learn from other Initiates – to get ourselves ready for the Global Agenda.
We are going to promote iMark Radio and help to get out the
Ideals of the Illuminati to many – We are going to promote another venture of getting Initiates with knowledge of a skill or industry to share their Knowledge with those that seek that certain knowledge –
We want to strive for more ways to recruit people to the Illuminati and the ideals found in the First Testament – To promote positive messages and attitudes for a positive future. To bring the Family back home to Gain Knowledge, to share their Knowledge, and to enrich our lives with all the wealth of the
knowledge other Initiates can share…

From the Desk of Papa Scherer