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The Council is always looking for additional help.

You can serve from anywhere on the planet, so long as you have access to the internet.

If you are interested in serving your fellow Initiates, please contact the appropriate leadership below.

Thank You!


Chief Executive Officer

Hezborn Okal @HezbornOkal

Kisumu County, Kenya




Executive Director of Communications

Minta Barrow @kissable_mint

New York, New York USA




General Manager of Social Relations

Nikole Allen @bombshell_nik 

Texas, USA



Social Relations Team (SRT) Supervisor 

Tyson Muchena aka TY

Capetown, South Africa


Social Relations Team aka SRT

George Gbenga Adesina -Nigeria

Jay Lord Empleo -Philippines

Nick Hastie -USA





General Manager of International Communication

John Mwalwala @johnmwalwala

Mombasa, Kenya


Translation Supervisor

Islam Abdelrazek  TBA

An Egyptian living in Saudi Arabia


Translation Team

Allison Ryan – U.S.A
Andre William Parish – USA
Erdei Norbert – Hungary
Enrico Leoni – Italy
Lukoyoyo Boniphace –Tanzania


Lexi Roeder @Lexi1stLady

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania




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Thank You!