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Our Capstone Council is in service to our fellow Initiates through education, experience and example~



C22 Capstone Council Lead/Chief of Operations:


Christine Cruz-Ingraham

Nikki holds a Bachelors in Psychology and speaks, reads and writes English, Spanish and Italian, fluently.  She started our on the Ambassador of Initiates Linguistics Team and has risen through the ranks because of her excellent personal and profession ethics. She is a strong unwavering leader and absolutely understands the stated mission of this Council.  Under her direction, the Social Relations Team was completely resurrected and has gone on to become the best team of it’s type, c22 has ever seen. She is absolutely on track to join the Apex Advisory Board, at the end of her term.

Nikki is also a periodic contributor to iM🔺RK.  When time permits in her busy schedule, she delivers sound advice for our consideration and implementation.

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 Council 22 Executive Directors



C22 Capstone Senior Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer of the Anti-Fraud Network

Term Indefinite



Brad Adams

As C22s Senior Executive Director and COO of the Anti-Fraud Network, Brad holds the only permanent position on Council, due to the highly sensitive nature of his role. He in active in all areas, providing unceasing security, and stability to the Pyramid. He is a Honorary Apex Advisory Board Member, and liaison between AAB & C22.

Anti fraud  works behind the scenes both in the Portal and in Public, to educate others about the presence of scammers, while going directly after the frauds. This is the team you want to report ANY suspicious activity to.

Quality control ensures the members portal maintains a tone of excellence by creating and bumping positive threads for Initiates to explore. This is the team responsible for maintaining a positive environment for the Initiates in the Portal. They encourage the more edifying posts while shifting the tone of those that are more negative in nature.

Quality control Supervisors:

Team Members: Ankesh Intwala, Jason Smith & Hezborn Okal

(Team consists of a legion of intentionally anonymous members, scattered throughout all networks)

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Executive Director of Communications


Brother Petros Regos

“Pete” is no stranger to languages, so he is a perfect fit to mentor and oversee the Ling/Comm team in his role as Executive Director of Communications for Council 22. 

He has worked his way up from Ambassador of Initiates into leadership for Ling/Comm. He served as their General Manager  and we are thrilled to have him in the Capstone Clan, as he continues to oversee those who translate for C22 as well as AAB. His team has provided 15 translations thus far, of the Globalist Agenda featured on Ask Apex. Additionally, he operates a Facebook awareness page for the Initiates.

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Executive Director of Public & Social Relations



  Newly appointed Jamaal Ingraham enters the Capstone after demonstrating his ability to keep C22 and her subsidiaries in the public eye, with ongoing consistency. His role includes mentoring the Social Relations Team that was originally developed to spread awareness across the Social Media Platforms, while focusing on the bigger picture of Public Relations that drives the Advertising & Marketing leg of this Council, and their interests. Under the direction of Christine, he has completely rebuilt & revived our Social Relations Team and for that we are extremely grateful.

22 Avenue Forums

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 Council 22 General Managers 



General Manager of Linguistics, Communications & PR:


Alex Parades

Alex is a founding member of c22 and has been on the linguistics team the entire time. He started out on Ambassador of Initiates. He has helped countless people find their way as new initiates. He dedication to serving others has earned him the respect of his peers and a management position on c22.

This team is comprised of Initiates that translate The Illuminati materials for c22 and iMark.  This team is all about excellence in communication so that Initiates of the Illuminati, can better understand The Illuminati ideals.

Supervisor: Usama Khalid


Ifeanyichukwu Sunday & Ibrahim Alkhalile
Naweed Zafary
Amit Josi
Kutz Verzosa
Enoch Essuman
Hezborn Okal
Mathew Ntwiga Mwiandi
Kenneth Parit Likimani
Sophia Jennifer Giacalone
Kennet Parit & Fernando aka Candlelight

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General Manager of Graphics:


Master Raven

This team is responsible for the execution of our Branding as determined by the Apex. They market & promote C22, iMark, our websites, The Illuminati, The Light and anything else, that dovetails with our organization.  This is the team responsible for the cool graphics you see in our Ads.

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General Manager of Social Relations Team


Nicholas Hastie

The Social Relation Teams primary role, is spreading awareness of the Illuminati’s messages via Social Media, while supporting the organizations in the Initiate Network, who do the same. 

They maintain and manage their mission across all social media platforms with a focus on the 22 Ave Forums. This team strives to engage the initiate community with topics that are designed to foster a sense of social awareness within each initiate. We create dialogue that will enable initiates to learn knowledge and wisdom, then apply it to their lives so they can be enlightened and help others find the Light. Our hope is that initiates will think critically about their role in the Universal Design and realize their social responsibility on this planet.

Under the enthusiastic direction of Nicholas Hastie, this team is highly motivated to help all people in all places, have an opportunity to find the Illuminati and follow the Light. Nicholas is completely passionate about sharing the resources available to Initiates and considers himself a lifelong, loyal contributor to the Illuminati New World Order and his extended IAMFAM.

22 Avenue

Forum Supervisor and Global Moderator: Jairamon

SRT Assistant Manager: kilted_brandon

Team Members: Andre” Novais, Princess/Bombshell_Nik, kissable_mint, jair_amon, & Bruno Gisch

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To apply to volunteer, please contact the general manager of the team you are interested in serving .


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