Apex Advisory Board


The Apex Advisory Board, is comprised of former Council 22 CAPSTONE Leadership, although it is an autonomous organization.  This Board’s primary purpose is leadership development for Initiates of the Illuminati and support for those who feel called to a higher place among their peers.

Additionally, team is also responsible for maintaining the tone and integrity of the C22 mission, while advising & supporting Council 22’s Capstone Leads & mentoring General Managers through transition, hardships or illness. It is not unusual to see one of us temporarily stepping in, to fulfill the needs of the Council.

To learn more about AAB, and contact us directly -please visit:

Apex Advisory Board

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c22 Founder/Inaugural Capstone CEO 2017/Founder, Executive Mentor & Senior Co-Chair Lead -Apex Advisory Board 2018-2019


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Richard Scherer aka Papa Fred


GM Linguistics & Communications 2017/Capstone Chief of Operations 2018/Apex Advisory Board Jr. Co-Chair Lead & Mentor 2018-2019


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Pep Barretta


Ambassador of Initiates/GM of Linguistics/Capstone Executive Director of Development 2017/Apex Advisory Board Team Member & Mentor 2018-2019


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Brad Adams


Founder Anti-Fraud 2017/GM Anti-Fraud & Quality Control 2017/C22 Executive Director of Anti-Fraud 2017/Senior Executive Appointment by Apex 2018-2019/Capstone 2018/Honorary Apex Advisory Board Member, Mentor and Liaison to C22 2018-2019


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Christine Ingraham


C22 Ling/Comm 2017/C22 Executive Director of Communications 2018/Capstone Chief of Operations 2018/Apex Advisory Board Member and Executive Mentor 2019


Nikki holds a Bachelors in Psychology and speaks, reads and writes English, Spanish and Italian, fluently.  She started our on the Ambassador of Initiates Linguistics Team and has risen through the ranks because of her excellent personal and profession ethics. She is a strong unwavering leader and absolutely understands the stated mission of this Council.  Under her direction, the Social Relations Team was completely resurrected and has gone on to become the best team of it’s type, c22 has ever seen. She is absolutely on track to join the Apex Advisory Board, at the end of her term.

Christine is also a periodic contributor to iM🔺RK as Nikki Cee. When time permits in her busy schedule, she delivers sound advice for our consideration and implementation.

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