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Our Apex Advisory Board, is comprised of former C22 Capstone Leadership.

After honorably & impeccably completing their term of service, many who have held Capstone positions, are invited to participate on this advisory board. Participation is not a given. Only the most trustworthy and loyal are invited to join AAB. Please note: Even if someone is not invited as soon as their term has ended, that does not mean we are not watching them for inclusion later.

This position is a mentors position and is permanent, so long as the members remain active, and in good standing with c22 and the other members of this Board. Anyone who does not continue to act with character and integrity is removed from Apex. We understand that even good folks misstep, we look to the overall trend when deciding who becomes a member of this Board.

This team is responsible for maintaining the tone and integrity of the C22 mission, while advising & supporting Council 22s Capstone Leads & mentoring General Managers through transition, hardship or illness. Additionally, Apex has projects of their own in development or underway, that encourage the further participation of other Initiates.

We are not involved in the day to day operation of the Council and all questions, comments & feedback regarding C22 specifically, should be directed to current Capstone CEO, Christine Cruz.

Thank you!!


Richard Scherer aka Papa Fred


GM Linguistics & Communications 2017/Capstone Chief of Operations 2018/Apex Advisory Board Member 2018

“Papa” is a founding member of Linguistics, having come to us via Ambassador of Initiates. He went on to General Manager of Ling/Comm and straight into the capstone as Council 22s CEO. The council was extremely stable under his direction and many changes were made that improved the overall functionality of this committee.

Papa is an excellent mentor and is always available to help others, as time permits.

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Pep Barretta


Ambassador of Initiates/Linguistics/Capstone Executive Director of Development 2017/Apex Advisory Board Team Mentor 2018

Peppe predates Council 22, when the Beta Test for Linguistics (Ambassador of Initiates) was initiated under the direction of V,  by former c22 member Brother White. Many of c22s best and brightest have come from A of I, which is no longer affiliated with c22.

Peppe has served this council faithfully and honorably, in every position he has held. We are VERY fortunate to have him as a continued resource on Apex!

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Stephen White aka Brother White


Admin Ambassador of Initiates/GM Linguistics/c22 Capstone CEO 2017/Apex Advisory Board Member 2018

Stephen was the first guy to step in and step UP, when it became clear we needed help with communication in the portal, before c22 was even a thing. He answered V’s call and developed the Ambassador of Initiates group on Facebook,  to help translate information for those who were not well versed in English.  As a GM he was organized, passionate & dedicated to his fellow Initiates. He was V’s first choice to lead after her and was elevated into the capstone as CEO, due to his amazing work ethic.  Due to health issues, Stephen resigned his position, so he could heal. As soon as he felt better, he was right back at it though! He is still very active with his FB group and is a vital part of our #IAMfam.

“Those who do nothing while witnessing injustice and wrongdoing do worse than those who commit acts of injustice.” -Martin Luther King

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iVy Taroc


c22 Founder/Capstone CEO 2017/Apex Advisory Board 2018





Please note: Apex Advisory Board adheres to the same Code of Ethics as c22.


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