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This page is created, so you can shout out to the team with your comments and/or suggestions.

Someone will be by to reply, shortly.

Thanks for visiting Council 22 !!




23 thoughts on “Talk to C22”

  1. Hello! Good night Princess! I am writing to you because I have not been able to enter the portal for a few months as an initiated member, but you can not access the Community because the site indicates that it is being repaired. My name is Mauricio Garrot and I’m the member # 28.835. I will greatly appreciate your response because I have not been able to participate in the portal for a while. Best regards and thank you very much! Mauricio Garrot.


  2. Hi members ,I have registered as a member and am receiving all the emails from the Illuminati , but nothing has changed . So my question is that what can I do as next ?


      1. Accrochez-vous! Nous sommes nombreux à y être depuis des années. la patience est payante.
        en attendant, continuez à aider les gens à trouver et à suivre la Lumière ~


  3. Hi Princess, I just wanted to say I love what you have done with the page. There is so much more information on here now. I have really enjoyed reading through each section especially the founders, some of the names are familiar as I have seen them on some of the Illuminati FB groups, but to be able to put a face to the names and to read what they have done is inspiring! Thank you for all the information I will definitely be visiting Council 22 Worldwide frequently!

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    1. FYI: Most all of those pages have been up, as long as the site has been. I do change the order of things periodically and maybe that’s why some things are standing out to you now, that didn’t previously?
      We are always open to additional suggestions and feedback so if you find anything that needs to be perfected, please let us know!

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  4. Attention brothers and sisters of the light. The is an ongoing scam, I got approached last night here on Facebook and was ask to givey email and mobile number. After that I decided to lead them on and gave the a correct email but a wrong number. I then received email producing to the application to the membership. I continued leading them and end up being told to send money through money gram or Western union.
    So don’t fall for it they are very professional and formal imitation of our very own, email and everything. Soon I will share screenshots. Loyalty loyalty. Light speed
    Please contact me so I will give out proof


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