You have reached the OFFICIAL site for COUNCIL 22.


Greetings Citizen Members and Initiates of the Illuminati!


Council 22 is a collective of Illuminati Initiates, who have volunteered to serve others in the Illuminati family (#IAMFAM) in a myriad of ways.

Both seen, and unseen.

This ‘pyramid’ was created to be a LIVE demonstration of the principles taught in “Illuminatiam, The First Testament of the Illuminati”.

As seekers of unification, we feel called to play an active role, in helping our newest Citizen Members better understand the ideals, tenets and directives of The Illuminati and acclimate to the Initiation process occurring in the Members Portal and beyond. 

We also seek to keep folks safe from all manner of scamming that occurs IN and around this organization.

Additionally, this pyramid shines a spotlight on seasoned Initiates, who have expressed a desire to further their leadership skills.

It has been our experience, that many will profess loyalty to a cause, but most will not perform, when pressed. This process will press you. Do not consider joining this pyramid, if you are not ready to be tested by you peers.



Council 22  -Circa 2017





This is NOT an officially recognized Illuminati website. It was created by Initiates for Initiates


To learn more about the organization we follow, and how you can get involved, please click the link below for the Official Illuminati links~



Above C22  image created by Initiate M.E.S

John Mwalwala


On 22 Jul – I received a message from the Illuminati and I was at work and glanced at it and saw it was an invitation I was very excited…but I was a work and unable to go thru the step to enter the Portal. I already have my copy of the First Testament and had already signed My Oath, 28 Mar 17, but this was something over the TOP…

So after what seems hours and hours that dragged at work I found the time to enter the Portal and create a Profile – Little did I know I was the 1650th person to enter the site and create a Profile…UBER Cool…  I chose to show my real face because I believe that if you talk to someone that person deserves to see your face, just saying… I sat back for a few days and watched what was going on and slowly learning what everything was. Figured out the Activity Counter and the Threads & Reply counter.

Then I decided it was time to come out of the shadows and just be ME….  I started to reply to some of the threads, trying not to offend but to stand my ground on serious issues.. Some Threads I would just read and didn’t feel a need to interject anything to the topic.

I wrote a couple of threads and the replies blow my mind… I was totally floored by some of the other Initiates’ comments, all the positive feedback and encouragement to write more… and to think I hated English Classes in school…lol

After a couple more Thread that I wrote, I introduced a character that has been in my life since 1990.  That is Fred and since I am a Grand Father 4 times now… I am called Papa Richard…hence my pen name of Papa Fred.. The really hard part I found wasn’t writing the Thread, it was keeping up with all the replies…follow up..

After doing that follow up on all my threads, Brother Stephen White wrote me a message and complimented me and asked me to be the Team Leader of the Linguistics Team – OMG…. Already I am being asked to help and I did.. I also Mentor a bunch of other Initiates and message a large amount of people about the Illuminati..

Then My friend, Brother White, was promoted in Capstone and asked me to be the GM of the Linguistics Team… It just keeps getting better… I am also involved in the Facebook page “Ambassadors of the Initiates” ..

So, my journey from the minute I entered the Portal has been an extremely exciting for me, to be honored like I am by many others in the Portal, to be Part of Capstone, to be in the Portal, to be a Citizen of the Illuminati…. OMG, only one word can explain all of this……..


I know deep down, that all that I am doing is getting me ready for other tasks, that the Illuminati is going to task me to do.  It has been the ride of my life over the past few months.

Following the Light

Papa Fred

Papa Fred