You have reached the OFFICIAL site for COUNCIL 22.


Greetings Citizen Members and Initiates of the Illuminati!


Council 22 is a collective of Illuminati Initiates, who have volunteered to serve others in the Illuminati family (#IAMfam) in a myriad of ways. Both seen, and unseen.

This ‘pyramid’ was created to be a LIVE demonstration of the principles taught in “Illuminatiam, The First Testament of the Illuminati”.

As seekers of unification, we feel called to play an active role, in helping our newest Citizen Members better understand the ideals, tenets and directives of The Illuminati and acclimate to the process occurring in the Members Portal.  We also seek to keep folks safe from all manner of scamming that occurs IN and around this organization. Additionally, this pyramid shines a spotlight on seasoned Initiates, who have expressed a desire to further their leadership skills.

We operate under two fundamental principles:

“DO WHAT IS RIGHT” & The Golden Rule~

Simple, but certainly not easy~

It has been our experience, that many will profess loyalty to a cause, but most will not perform, when pressed. This process will press you. Do not consider joining this pyramid, if you are not ready to be tested by you peers.



Council 22  -Circa 2017





This is NOT an officially recognized Illuminati website. It was created by Initiates for Initiates


To learn more about the organization we follow, and how you can get involved, please click the link below for the Official Illuminati links~

I joined the Illuminati  two months ago my life was just a mess and I
thought it was the end of my poor life. It was tough not knowing what
to do. But one day as I was browsing through Google I met the official
site and I joined there that’s where my journey begins.now I can see
some positive changes in my life…like I can feel the love of the
people around me whom they used to hate me, criticizes me and also
accused me of things I haven’t done and before I committed my self to
the Illuminati I had struggles with financials but  things seems to be
better than before, I’m just feeling powerfully and enlightened on my
journey thank you Illuminati for bringing this positive changes in my
life. thank you
Mbongeni Ctylicx Masilela 🔽

Mbongeni Ctylicx Masilela


Being a member of the Illuminati membership portal means everything to me. it is a sign of great hope not only to me but also all humanity a whole.
My chief aim in life, is to connect and improve my fellow human’s lives, especially in Kenya and Africa as a whole. This portal has served as a channel of knowledge and wisdom via the Illuminati, the members and my fellow initiates. All to prepare me for my higher purpose. Finally this membership portal is also my constant reminder of my service to humanity.
Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Douglas Mjomba.

Douglas Mjomba